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Thrifty Gifty: stock up on giftable art finds under $50.

Well hey there savvy seasonal shopper. How about this for your present-compiling action plan? Get you a holiday gifting strategy that serves up some savings—a refreshing side to accompany an entire plate of sugar cookies.

This collection brings together our gift-iest limited-edition prints and Artist-Made pieces under $50, the ideal price point for a little something extra, for a first time gift exchange, for big spenders and wallet watchers alike. Book Pins for your bibliophilic big sis, a Grand Canyon print for your hardcore hiking cousin, paint-by-numbers plywood plants for the urban jungle-r in your inner circle.

Does your budget have a bit more flex? These gifts under $100 might be your silver bullet. You can’t really go wrong when the price is so right.

In fact, aiming under $50 or $100 makes you a lot more likely to venture into unexplored gifting territory. Good thing, because giving the gift of art is a much misunderstood and underestimated endeavor. People think art makes a risky present, but it’s actually an easy angle to show your loved one that you really get them, while giving them something with staying power that they’ll wanna keep in sight to be evermore reminded of how DANG good at gifting you are. (Let’s be real, it feels great to win at gifting.)

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