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How to Give the Gift of Art (and Why You Should)

I’ve loved picking out gifts for people since I was a little kid saving up my cat-sitting cash to buy just the right thing for my family, but I’ve got a spotty record with the actual gift giving—precisely because I love it so much and have always set the bar really high. It’s not enough to give a gift to someone, it has to be the BEST gift for that particular person. Here’s what I mean:
  • You need to “show ‘em that you know ‘em”. Choose something that speaks to a particular interest or hobby that they have, or that references a place that’s meaningful to them, or a shared experience you had. Even just choosing something that’s in their favorite color can achieve this goal.
  • Give something that’s quality made and long-lasting. Gag-gifts and/or disposable trendy items are right out, as are things that will get tossed into the junk drawer and/or the regifting pile the minute you’re out of sight.
  • I always prefer to give something that they’ll keep around in plain sight and/or use frequently. It’s a happy reminder of y-o-u that they’ll likely keep for many years to come!
  • Choose something that reflects a bit of your own personality. The very best gifts connect the giver + the getter in some kind of meaningful way.
So, yea: tall order, right? Maybe you’ve already seen where I’m going with this, but all of the above brings me to the conclusion that art is the very best gift to give. It’s personal, it’s lasting and [BIG REVEAL] our thoughtfully curated gift guides make it really easy to choose just the right piece of art for every person in your life—from your sister who subsists on a steady diet of cute animal videos to your favorite aunt who was utterly obsessed with the World Series to your NASA-nerd bestie who sets an alarm for every space launch: we’ve got you covered!

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman

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