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Our sundae best: Scoop these 3 sweet, retro treats.

Gary's Ice Cream, Jacksonville, Florida by John Margolies

When the heatwave hits, ice cream comes to the rescue, and since it’s a casual 9000 degrees with humidity here in NYC, you bet your Ben & Jerry’s we’ve been ransacking the freezer case on our weekly grocery runs. July is National Ice Cream Month, but we foresee celebrating all summer long. And not just with a cup or cone! We’ve got gelato love for ice cream art, so to close out ice cream’s official claim to the calendar, we’re soft serving up a few of our favorite vintage Margolies photographs spotlighting that cold, silky savior.

These three editions are a sweet, retro treat for your walls, captured by famed American photographer John Margolies on his cross country road trips in the 1970s. All three were part of MargoliesRoadside America series, an archive of 100,000 miles and over 30 years of nostalgia-inducing images appreciating the American pitstop. He had an affinity for vernacular architecture—the novelty signage in Gary’s Thick Shakes, Pete’s Ice Cream Ely, Nevada, and Gary’s Ice Cream, Jacksonville, Florida certainly adds to their charm.

Pick one piece, or make an ice cream art sandwich when you collect all three to hang in a triptych. The more the merrier—ice cream is happiness incarnate. Plus, these prints will last wayyy longer than that pint of Cherry Garcia.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Gary's Thick Shakes by John Margolies

Pete's Ice Cream Ely, Nevada by John Margolies