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10 easy at-home art projects we're actually doing

Hard (easy?) at work on a Scout Regalia paint-by-numbers cactus set.

If you’ve been following along with our pandemic-friendly guide to Armchair Art Appreciation, then you know we’ve been loading up on tips to keep you and yours engaged in art at home. We’re particularly into finding fun art projects that are as entertaining as they are accessible. These new art project picks we’re sharing below? That’s their vibe—they’re awesome for lots of skill levels and don’t require a super long list of materials. These are the artsy things our team’s actually been doing. Dive in with us! 

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Bookbinder, educator, and 20x200 artist e bond shared a super cool, totally free “starbook” tutorial with us. A ton of you have already tried it out and sent us pics of your paper ornaments/mini books! So good.

@stillherestilllife ‘s photo-prompted still life drawing challenge is in week 16, and we’ve been wowed by all the different takes on a single scene. Follow along for creative kicks or submit something if you're so inclined! Maybe practice sketch in a handmade (re)journal while you're at it.

Caitlin Parker taught us how to make botanical cyanotypes using pressed plants and recycled cardboard. Give it a whirl! And send us a pic of your spoils, pretty please.

Speaking of sustainable fabric arts, save those food scraps! We're turning our onion skins + avo pits into natural tie-dyes.

Our paint-by-numbers cacti set from Scout Regalia is cute as heck, and an exteremely chill-inducing afternoon activity. Bonus: unlike your real plants, these babies are sure to susurvive a heatwave.

DIY doyenne Erica Domesek (also a 20x200 5+5 contributor!) of P.S.- I made this… is a go-to source for all sorts of creative projects idears.

5+5 contributor and Co-Founder of Brit + Co, Anjelika Temple, came up with the cutest idea for some fun, kid-approved color play.


Over 100 museums and libraries from around the world have teamed up for the Color Our Collections campaign to compile tons of free coloring pages. (Cut to us coloring all weekend long.)

We're forever watching Yen Ha's timelapsed Monday Meditation vids, spotlighting her hand-drawn mandalas in the making.

Highly recommended: download her coloring pages and have your own mandala moment! (And don't miss this tour of her NYC studio space.)

Take a cue from 20x200 artist Margot Guralnick and go for a (masked! socially distanced!) walk—so you can turn your finds into a photo project later. Doggo buddy highly recommended.

Looking for more?

  • Make your own Quaranzine! This free virtual workshop led by comics artist Malaka Gharib will walk you through it.
  • Got a few chipped plates from all your recent indoor dining? This guide breaks down the makings of a mosaic tabletop, but you could apply these tips to a tile or something totally free form.
  • All those cardboard boxes you’ve been getting in the mail have a second, artsy life in store as multipurpose art surfaces. (Especially great if you’ve got creative kiddos!)