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DIY paper starbooks! Watch e bond walk you thru it.


Mini art project alert! Today, we’ve got artist and bookbinder e bond to thank for keeping our hands busy and our minds calm. The happy-making at-home activity in question? Building something bond calls starbooks—shape-shifting paper creations halfway between books, sculptural objects, and ornaments. Watch the vids here (sneak peek below!) and follow us on Instagram to stay clued into more cool DIY content like this.

When she’s teaching folks the foundations of bookbinding (cutting, folding, covering boards, etc.), bond always starts with starbooks. These easy peasy paper forms are a fun project that’s straightforward enough for the whole fam, using simple materials you might already have on hand. Plus, the tutorial’s crystal clear (bond’s been teaching these for 10+ years!) and surprisingly soothing to watch whether or not you break out the scissors.

Love starbooks but in more of a minimum exertion kinda mood? You can buy bond’s handmade starburst starbooks from our Artist-Made offerings. We expect to be able to ship them out in the coming weeks.

Watch and make your own below!