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Say what? Martha Rich’s backtalkin’ Holiday Bubbles!

Holiday Bubbles! by Martha Rich

These handmade holiday ornaments are the talk of the town—and so heckin’ giftable we know they’re gonna go fast. Consider this the year you don’t have to use your words. We’ve all earned it. Not great with feelings? Really want your roomie to be quiet? Just here for the nog? Martha Rich has a speech bubble for that. Measuring around 2”x3” to 3”x5”, each of Rich’s wooden Holiday Bubbles! are hand-painted to perfection and hung from festive metallic loops. Choose from Love Ya Mean It, Yes/No, Shh/Stop Talking, More Nog, and Pie/Cake, or collect all 5 for gifting occasions to come. Each ornament is two-sided, so if a second word or phrase isn’t indicated, the same word or phrase appears on both sides. Double your pleasure. But don’t dilly dally: there’s only 25 Holiday Bubbles! in existence, just 5 of each phrase (you’ll spot Rich’s signature on each one!), so snap ‘em up stat.

If you’re lucky enough to own one of Martha Rich’s 20x200 print editions, then you know why we couldn’t resist the opportunity to see her singular sense of humor, boisterous all-caps lettering, and zippy color combos play out in three dimensions. Her work is always a smile summoner, and a little Martha Rich art goes a long way—these Holiday Bubbles! may be mini, but they’re majorly mood boosting. ‘Course their bright hues will pop on the boughs of a Christmas tree, but they also look awesome in a window, dangling from a wreath, or hanging from any hook in your home. (How cute would Pie/Cake be on a kitchen hook?) And to be honest, we love the look of them laid on a book stack or propped up against a desk lamp—a particularly fitting location for Shh/Stop Talking if you ask us. Thing is, sweet or sassy, hanging out or hanging up, these speech bubbles ornaments serve some quality cheer, which makes them a mighty good gift for yourself or someone else.

As Rich puts it, plainly: “I make art that makes me happy.” Turns out that art makes us happy, too, and happiness is a hot commodity. So have your say and pop (heh) some Holiday Bubbles! in your cart before they sell out.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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