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Art for everyone: new woodcut object from Matthew Hoffman!

art for everyone by Matthew Hoffman
2.5"x23" ($35)

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It’s a good day for art. For starters, today’s our TWELFTH birthday. That’s a dozen years of introducing incredible artists and exceptional art to all kinds of collectors. Since we were born on the internet in 2007, we’ve been spreading the good word about art collecting—art evangelists to the core. We’re big time believers in the transformative powers of a personal art collection, and it’s been our aim from the beginning to make it possible for more people to be able to (and inspired to!) launch their own art journeys.

Our limited-edition prints make amazing art eminently more affordable, and our more recently introduced Artist-Made pieces have given us an opportunity to offer collectors something beyond our classic archival prints. Which brings us to our next reason today is A Good Art Day™. Matthew Hoffman—the good vibes gladiator himself—is back with a brand new object edition that quite literally spells out our mission statement. Say hello to art for everyone.

In 23”x2.5” laser cut birch, Hoffman’s art for everyone succinctly, cleanly, outright elegantly sums up so much of what’s exciting about art collecting. Going with your gut, sharing what you love, turning to art for new ways to consider the world—it’s all kind of captured in this one precise but peaceful pronouncement. art for everyone is our first Hoffman woodcut that’s a single long, lean horizontal line (the words in his previous editions are stacked vertically). There’s something wildly chic about this sentence-like orientation, a modern firmness tempered by Hoffman’s characteristic cursive script. The three words are readable in a range of inspiriting ways: a low-key but clear reminder, a rallying cry, a self-reflective rumination on the artwork’s own stirring simplicity. Or maybe you’ll see this limited-edition carving as "art for everyone" embodied—it’s minimal and neutral enough to look slick in all sorts of decor styles, and at just $35, it’s original art at a price many folks can afford.

For team 20x200, Hoffman’s art for everyone hits especially hard—this is a phrase that’s guided our company ethos since the early days. But even if your everyday doesn’t revolve around the democratization of awesome art or supporting emerging artists, Hoffman’s new woodcut will wile its way into your heart. Equally befitting a first time collector or a seasoned art aficionado, and supremely giftable (is it ever too early to start holiday shopping?), art for everyone is everyone’s art.

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