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Get the party started with these (super giftable!) celebratory prints.

Untitled (b) by Kindah Khalidy

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a proper birthday celebration lasts at least a full week. Since we turned twelve (!!) two days ago, we’re still feeling mighty festive—which got us thinking about the ambient power of art as the ultimate sleuth party starter.

Hang a few new custom-framed celebratory art selects on your wall before you host your next get together, and you’ll dial up the good old fashioned fun in the chicest way possible—a high brow, carefully curated counterpoint to some choice streamers from the party supply.

If you’re a guest instead, the cardinal rule dictates you don’t show up empty handed. In lieu of the standard bottle of wine, arrive with happy-making art in hand! Our party-ready collection is full of pieces that’d make perfect birthday presents, but there’s more gifting to keep in mind. Housewarmings, cocktail hours, kikis, kickbacks, bachelorettes … all gift-appropriate occasions befitting some excellent art. These picks are the art embodiment of the person you specifically invite to get the party going, but all our art is equally applause-worthy.

Shop like there’s a shindig in your future. In the meantime, here’s to 12 years of 20x200—and a gajillion more, if we have our way!

Untitled (Balloons) by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

The Fourth by Paul Octavious

Cutting the pies and cakes by Russell Lee

The Cathedrals of Art by Florine Stettheimer

Contact High by Jeff Lewis

Crystal Palace Saloon by Dorothea Lange

Sugarcoat by Michelle Hinebrook

Animal Locomotion; Plate 187, Dancing (Fancy) by Eadweard Muybridge

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