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May the fourth be with you—and the art be outta this world.

Han Solo by Hollis Brown Thornton

With so many sci-fi nerds in our orbit and so much space art in our midst, we can't help but lean into May (the) Fourth—Star Wars Day! The recent passing of Peter Mayhew—the man who brought Chewbacca to life—and the outpouring of love and admiration that followed was a poignant reminder of just how much the franchise has meant to its fans and creators.

Maybe we can’t cruise around in the Millennium Falcon or sling lightsabers, but we can fight the dark side with some Star Wars good guys in the form of museum-quality limited-edition art prints. Hollis Brown Thornton’s Han Solo and Luke Skywalker transform two Star Wars heroes by way of pixelation, signifying the slow convergence of the physical and digital worlds. They’re also an homage to youthful energy and aspiration, to shrugging off impossibility—the kind of inspiration we could use on our walls.

If Star Wars isn’t your jam or you just want more, we’ve got all sorts of space art to launch you into a (inter)stellar mood. Everybody gets a boost from some celestial photos and renderings, full of endeavoring astronauts, futuristic fantasies, mystery, magic and potential. Earth to art collectors—bringing outer space in with these art prints is cosmically awesome.

Luke Skywalker by Hollis Brown Thornton

For space cases + NASA nerds: 

by Donald Pettit

Torus Interior AC75-2621 5718,
a 20x200 Space Edition

a 20x200 Space Edition

Views of the extravehicular activity during STS 41-B,
a 20x200 Space Edition

a 20x200 Space Edition

South Side of the Moon,
a 20x200 Space Edition

ROBOT by Scott Listfield

The Constellation of Hope by Alexander Beeching

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