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Certified botanic: fill your walls with florals.

Floral and Insects by Laura Bell 

It’s May, ok? And we aren’t gonna pretend we haven’t been waiting to whip out our collection of floral editions since as soon as spring came on the scene. We’re 100% here for bouquets and buds in un-killable art form. Just look at these lush selects. Pick a few artful arrangements and boom: you’ve got a degree in botanical engineering.

Flower power is the real deal. Just a few fresh stems can totally transform a space, bringing a li’l bit of the outside in, brightening things up, and boosting moods to boot. Now take that bloom-induced buzz and give it serious staying power—that’s the beauty of floral art!

A few of our picks:

Confections (adorned) #14
by Amy Stevens

Caspian Nelumbium
by Sarah Ann Drake

Untitled #10
by Kent Rogowski 

Leucojam Varium
by Anna Atkins

by Amy Ross

Weedwatching Wall Hanging
by Jen Hewett

Mister Rogers Portrait II
by Joan LeMay

Plate 47: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
by John James Audubon

Flowers in a Glass Bowl
by Rachel Ruysch

New York (Peony)
by Gregory Krum

Lemur from Madagascar
by Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Rose, Anemone, Clematide,
a 20x200 Vintage Edition

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