What would Beyoncé say? Support Flint Water Fund.

Advice from Beyoncé by Michelle Rial
8"x8" ($35) | 11"x11" ($75)
100% of proceeds go to Flint Water Fund

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If your inbox looks anything like ours, you’ve been inundated with promotional emails (for which we’re also guilty!) over the last few days. Hey, who doesn’t love a sale? But with Cyber Monday in the rearview, it’s a good time to resurface one of the things that makes the holiday season so magical: generosity. We’re not just talking about what you’ll tuck under the tree or give in lieu of Hanukkah gelt. We mean generosity of spirit—the gift of quality time, shared experiences, acts of service, support, donations, etc.

How about clean drinking water? Today, on Giving Tuesday, we’re introducing illustrator and author Michelle Rial’s new edition—a brilliant, Beyoncé-centric venn diagram that overlaps some of the singer’s most famous lyrical quotes in classic, clever-as-heck Rial fashion. And here’s the kicker: 100% of proceeds for all Advice from Beyoncé prints purchased will go to Flint Water Fund—a campaign to ensure access to clean water for the people of Flint, MI, and a cause Beyoncé herself helped raise over $80k to support. Double down on the generosity and give one of these as a holiday gift that gives back (and puts the "slay" in sleigh).

The Flint water crisis may have started over five years ago, but it still deserves national attention. There’s work to be done, a lack of accountability, and a need to re-establish trust between government and residents. To this day, Flint’s mayor advises citizens drink only bottled or filtered water. Though the EPA and the state claim Flint’s water meets federal standards, the mayor will not declare the water safe until all lead and galvanized steel pipes in the city have been removed and replaced, and the medical and scientific communities are in agreement about the water’s safety. Residents have also been promised broad tap water testing and help installing filters. Though filters are the most sustainable and long-lasting solution, many residents rely on bottled water for clean, safe water—complicated by the state’s closure of its bottled water distribution sites last year. All money raised through the Flint Water Fund goes toward buying and distributing bottled water to Flint residents, filtration devices not supplied by the state, and health access for children affected by contaminated water.

That every purchase of Advice from Beyoncé gives back to Flint, MI families is only one reason why we love Rial’s new edition. It poses a question for the ages, a rubric for badass-being, a guide to living your life with a little more swag: what would Beyoncé say? The applications are manifold and mighty. Bad boss? Don’t give up ‘til you get what you deserve. Internet bully? You won’t suffer a fool. Philanderer? Boy, bye. At the epicenter: “you must not know ‘bout me”. Beyoncé’s lyrics are the gift that keep on giving, and Rial’s packed some heavy hitters up artfully. Advice from Beyoncé has inner strength, poise, tenacity, and no-bullshit backbone in spades. And it’s all venn diagrammed in vibrant, confident, voluptuous purple. Purple is the color of royalty, of course—befitting the Queen Bey. We think the Beyhive will agree: this art will upgrade U.

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