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NEW Martha Rich mini dishes + a restock too!

It’s Spring and Martha Rich’s beloved Speech Bubble Mini Dishes are giving us a fresh perspective! We think you’ll be very excited to learn that we restocked your favorite styles AND added three new ones: Write that shit downThe dog did it, and Because I said so.

Martha Rich has truly cultivated a genre of pure play in her work, and in some ways, the simplicity of her words makes any explanation gratuitous. About these dishes, she says: “I make art that makes me happy.” Well, they make us happy too—she's created a contagious feeling. It's a gift that keeps on giving. It'll make you feel goofy whenever you look at it, and if you give it as a gift, that goofiness grows exponentially. So grab yours now, and pick some out for a friend while you're at it. Why? Because we said so.

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