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Of note: Big Stickie Energy 📓

Summer’s beginning to wind down, and whether you’re going back to school or back to work or just back to regularly scheduled programming, nothing—and we mean nothing—beats that new notebook feeling. A fresh pad, packs of colored pens, a stylish new backpack. A back to school supply spree makes our hearts go pitter-patter. And this year, we’ve got you covered with our extra arty, customizable, 1st Annual 20x200 StickART Kit from our artists to you.

Parade your personality on these pre-lined pads with a set of stunning stickers hand designed by some of your favorite 20x200 artists. Each kit comes with one blank 60-page 8”x5” kraft cover notebook and a selection of stickers from Lisa Congdon, Martha Rich, Jane Mount, Kate Bingaman-Burt, and a few bonus ones from yours truly. These aren’t your average stickables though. Ranging from 1” to 5”, these delightful decals are statement-making sensations packed with arty details and serving up some serious Big Stickie Energy. 

 With endless ways to personalize, 20x200 StickART Kits are a perfect BTS treat for your opinionated tween. Or an arty arsenal for inspirational scribbles? Whether you’re headed back to class or just yearning for some Target-run nostalgia, these kits are just the (s)ticket.

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