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Too heckin’ hot!

These hot days sure drag on! August might be nearly over, but these dog days of summer feel absolutely endless rn, to which we say WOOF. Some simple pleasures to help pass the scorching hours are timeless summer snacks, ball games, the relief of rain, and most of all, swimming. If you’re not splashing in some waves right now or lounging poolside, I’m sure that like us, you’re thinking about it. Europe, California, New York – water, water, all around, and not a drop to drink!  

You know who doesn’t need to be told twice to hop in the water? DOGS. Let’s practice a little canine positivity and celebrate the REAL dog days of summer. Tomorrow is National Dog Day, which we love, because these four-legged frens are so heckin’ close to our hearts! Big, smol, athletic, laid-back, we can’t wait to honor them all. Plan something special for the little one that never leaves your side: pack a bag and find an adventure, play a classic game of fetch, and by all means – take your dog for a swim.