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Pencil us in to your back-to-school schedule! 🍎

Those long summer days are fading fast, and the back-to-school season is already underway in some parts of the country. Time to get organized

 Take inspo from the arty-est neat freaks we know, Todd Mclellan and Jenny Odell, to reset your workspace for the fall season.  With their work on your walls, we’re sure nothing will ever be left out of place!

Or maybe you just need some motivation to jump back in? How about a brand spankin' new notebook to get those creative juices a-flowin'. And make it your own with our 1st Annual 20x200 StickART Kit. If not a notebook, maybe upgrading your bookbag will spark joy - check out our pin collection to deck out your bag in miniature works of art. From Kindergarten chic to teacher's pet, we've got art for every BTS vibe in the book.