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Oh great gradients!

Grab your sunglasses – we have some dazzling art coming your way! Jennifer Sanchez gives us the pop of color we live for at 20x200. Sink into the luscious texture and vibrant patterns in her magical gradients. Rainbow Village, a series of chunky, cheery, hand-painted panels, is a joyful journey loosely guided by pencil sketches. As Jennifer puts it: “there’s always a surprise. things never go as planned, and that’s why I like it.” And these one-of-a-kind chunky panels are no exception. But don't sleep on these stunners—as with affordably priced originals we've released by artists like Yen Ha, Caitlin Parker, and Jason Polan in the past, these are going fast!

Sanchez’s color combinations and geometries are meditative even through their vibrating energy. Half orbs and architectural forms seem to hang in close proximity as if magnetized, varying tonal combinations creating a playful interchange between planes. 

Don't sleep on the even more affordable array of ten exuberant, intricate editions. NY17#09, inspired by both folk and Bauhaus textile designs, creates a powerful rhythm through repeating bold shapes. And if you have an eye for something truly high-spirited, take a look at Sanchez’s NY1867, an edition that will catapult right out of the frame. Sanchez actually turns her canvases topsy turvy at some unfixed point in the painting process, orienting them one way for six days or six months, then switching it up on herself. This deliberate shift in perspective is part of a practice of play that keeps her process fresh.

Sanchez is outspoken in both her artwork and her activism and is a long-time passionate member of her Lower East Side community. We love that her joy and pluck come through in everything she does.