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We could all go for some good luck + this gorgeous guy’s got it.

Peacock by Ohara Koson
10"x8" ($35) | 14"x11" ($75) | 20"x16" ($260)

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So you’re gonna #stayhome on St. Paddy’s Day. Good for you! It’s the right thing to do. There won’t be parades and pubs (unless you live in a pub, in which case your social distancing environs are highly enviable), but you can still have some fun. Whether you’re celebrating your Irish heritage, the timely convenience of canned corned beef, your abiding love of Guinness, or how great you look in green, a little visualization is your ticket to a good time. Our new Vintage Edition sets a springy green scene, starring a party-ready Peacock in full feather-spread splendor. Not only is this print hued appropriately for Saint Patrick’s Day, but its flamboyantly festive subject is a good luck symbol. And right now? We’ll take all the luck we can get.

This avian exhibitionist is the work of early 20th century Japanese artist Ohara Koson, best known for his kacho-e (bird-and-flower) woodblock prints—a revival of an artistic movement that dates back to 14th century Japan. In the grand tradition of the style, this dashing woodblock bird is rendered by delicate, detailed outlines and bright washes of color. He’s a notably pale gentleman, a partially leucistic (non-pigmented) pied (two-color) variety with a white body and train, and a bright blue head. Pied peafowl are generally pigmented with splashes of white, but this guy’s all alabaster with a concentrated pop of color in his noggin and crest. A rare sight! And extra lucky for his rarity, no doubt.

In traditional Japanese art, peacocks are an auspicious symbol. Buddhist iconography employs them as guardians from disaster and hardship (HELLO PEACOCKS NOW’S THE TIME), a reputation they earned due to their penchant for happily devouring poisonous plants and creatures that would be bad news for humans. They also represent wisdom, thought to be capable of redirecting the faithful away from evil. And those dazzling “eyes” on their tail feathers? Omens of abundance and prosperity. So if you’re loving this Peacock for the pure joy of his pageantry, we’re with you—now’s the time to fill your home with happiness. But he’s got the added bonus of a fortuitous bent. A little luck in limited-edition form, from our tiny team to your safe spaces. 

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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