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We’re in this together, apart (and v. thankful for art)

Hanging in there? We hope so. On the sound advice of pretty much anyone worth listening to, our team’s been working from home since the beginning of last week—shuffling around with our laptops looking for the right spot, figuring out how to get in some face time via video chat, trying to ensure our super small business stays afloat in the uncertain future. It’s hard, but one thing helping us keep our heads up? The art on our walls.

Look around you, fellow WFHers. How’s your at-home art collection? Since you could be sheltering in place for a bit, might as well whip your home into shelter mag shape. Now’s the time to finally get up that gallery wall, pick out something inspiring, or select a statement piece to brighten your new “office”. A cool, thoughtful art collection is about more than decor. Your art is a practice in mindfulness, a time capsule of creative energy, a story in and of itself. It’s a way to validate and evoke emotions, to reflect and reconsider, your ticket to personal growth in a self-isolating society. Best of all, it brings your home to life, and makes it feel more like you.

We’re still able to ship for now, so order yourself some art and get your sitch all set up. We’re in this together, apart. And if you need more motivation, here's a visual representation of our favorite tips for creating a successful WFH space and staying healthy. (Doubles as an uplifting art shopping list!)

Set a schedule.
Tempo of the City: I. Fifth Avenue and 44th Street, Manhattan.
by Berenice Abbott

Get dressed for the day.
Powerpuff Girls
by Amy Stein

Set ground rules with others in your space.
Stop Talking
by Martha Rich

Stretch often.
Inhale Through The Nose
by Amber Vittoria

Find a well-lit workspace.
AS07-08-1933, a 20x200 Space Edition

Stock good snacks.
by Jennifer Mason

Stock bad snacks.
Candy Mart,
a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Schedule breaks.
June in January, Miami Beach
by Marion Post Wolcott

Get some fresh air.
Alpine Glow in the Valley
by Ariel Lee

Stay motivated.
you are doing great
by Matthew Hoffman

Stay connected with friends and family remotely.
24 Telephone Drawings
by Christine Berrie

Get a good night's rest.
by B. Kaspr

Don't be too hard on yourself.
You Tried Gold Star
by Adam J. Kurtz

Stock creative office supplies.
(re)journal by e bond