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Armchair art appreciation: how to get arty at home!

Joan LeMay's project-ready workspace

There are probably a million things on your mind these days. Let us take one of the easy ones off your plate. Namely: how does an art lover like you celebrate and support the arts while you’re hunkered down at home? Ordinarily, collecting 20x200 editions would be right toward the top of our list of suggestions, but the current (wise + crucial!) COVID-19-related regulations in NYC mean we can’t ship as long as non-essential businesses are closed. If you still wanna place your order to make sure you don’t miss out on something you’ve had your eye on, we’ll ship it as soon as we can get back into the office. But, if you’re in the mood for a more immediate art infusion ... right this way!

For the first installment of our new Armchair Art Appreciation we rounded up some of the coolest art classes and projects we’ve seen kicking around (might be time to turn off the news for the day anyway, eh?). Your coping mechanism of the moment might look more like 10 episodes of Outlander, but these creative exploits will be here when you’re ready for ‘em. Read on! Then keep an eye out for more Armchair Art Appreciation in the coming weeks.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Class acts with 20x200 artists

Workflow, Time Management and
Productivity for Creatives
 and more
from Lisa Congdon

Personal Map Making - A Daily
Mixed Media Practice
from e bond

Learn how to screen print fabric and sew a clutch with Jen Hewett

Creating with kiddos

Eight easy home art projects for kids
from Jackson Free Press

Famous artist-inspired projects for
at-home learning
from House Beautiful

Color us quarantined

Carbonate your creativity with
Color My La Croix: Rejected Flavors

by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Draw your own Ideal Bookshelf with help
from Jane Mount

Downloadable coloring sheets
from Meenal Patel

Color in L.A. Times Food illos,
including this downloadable sheet
by Jason Polan


Outside the art box

Flower pounding with Craft Contemporary

Master your pastry precision with tips
from Lauren Ko

Zen out with Kelli Anderson every afternoon while she live streams her pop-up prototype process via Instagram