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Restock alert! Make cooking FUN again

Restocking our much-loved tea towels gave team 20x200 the perfect excuse for an impromptu photoshoot. Before you ask: yes, there were french toast and mimosas involved. AND lots of butter—we're big butter fans (see Mound of Butter for...exactly what you're imagining. And our Ceramic Toast Candle is the iconic vessel, complete with a delightful pat of beeswax 'butter'.)

Maybe you already love CHEFing it up, or perhaps this helps enliven you with the groovy possibilities of color, pattern, and humor in the kitchen. Either way, our tea towels and aprons are a wonderful way to make what can sometimes seem like a chore a little more inspiring. 

 PLUS we also restocked another form of functional art—luxury safety matches—and added three new dreamy styles. This might be your sign to light some candles, pour some wine, and cook up something special for yourself—and maybe a loved one!