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Skip the SPF—our Swimsuit Edition(s) packs a summer punch.

Crank the AC, kick off your shoes, and pour something on ice—your indoor oasis is gonna come in mighty handy as it heats up to unbearable outside. Besides, you can bring a cherry-picked slice of summer to your temperature-controlled sanctuary with in-season art! Just cruise on over to our Fifth Annual 20x200 Swimsuit Edition(s) and dive in.

Maybe your bliss is a quiet beach, or Brooklyn hot dog hang, or a bottle of rose bustin' out of a picnic basket. Whatever floats your boat, these warm weather apropos editions represent the best of the season for all sorts of styles, and they’ll keep the summer splendor going year-round on your walls.

Dip your toe in our Fifth Annual 20x200 Swimsuit Edition(s) below, then ride the whole wave ova here.  

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200


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