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Happy Halloween! How about some scary good art?

Culprit by Roger Ballen

Fire burn and cauldron bubble! It’s All Hallows’ Eve and nothing will keep us from spooky season, but we’re taking a break from bobbing for apples to advocate for (thematically appropriate!) art.

Calling all ghosts, ghoulies, goths, and gallery goers: we have artfully eerie, haunting, creepy, crawly, moody, and mystical on lock. Less contentious than candy corn (personally, we’re pro) and sure to outlast your latest costume, these museum-quality archival prints and handcrafted Artist-Made objects look frightfully good as an offbeat addition to any art collection. They also pair well with a Hitchcock marathon and a giant bag of funsize candy bars—a little witchcraft for your walls, and the potion for a perfect fall.

More Spooky Selects Below

Crows in the Moonlight
by Sakai Hoitsu

Dead Tree Lake
by Tod Seelie

slow ending
by Yosuke Yamaguchi

Powerpuff Girls
by Amy Stein

Gust of Wind
by Laura Bell

Round Candies I
by Craig Kanarick

Newfoundland 7
by Carrie Marill

Lilies, Corolla
by Daniel Seung Lee

Insects and Myriapods at The American Museum of Natural History
by Jason Polan

Burning Down the Second House
by Ann Toebbe

Feral House #13
by James Griffioen

by Amy Casey

by B. Kaspr

by Marcy Palmer

by Jacob Escobedo

by Kent Rogowski

Altarpiece, No. 1, Group X
by Hilma af Klint

Long-eared owl on bare tree branch
by Ohara Koson