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The Baker's Dozen by Kennedy Prints
Subscription for 13 8"x6" prints ($150)

Who doesn’t like getting mail? In the age of overflowing inboxes, when so much of our life is digitized, optimized and depersonalized, there’s a kind of humble romance to receiving a delivery at your door (even if you just ordered all purpose cleaner). Now take that simple pleasure and multiply it by a bajillion—that’s the magic of a monthly limited-edition art delivery, care of Kennedy Prints. That’s The Baker’s Dozen, and hot damn it’s delicious.

From today, January 15th, through January 31st only, you can sign up for Kennedy PrintsThe Baker’s Dozen, a year-long subscription for monthly delivery of an exclusive 8”x6” letterpress print. All prints will be hand-pressed by master printer and provocateur Amos Kennedy in his Detroit studio, and while the design for each print-of-the-month will have a certain continuity, no two prints will ever be exactly alike. That means every delivery will be one-of-a-kind. And did we mention the designs are all a mystery?

If, like us, you love Amos Kennedy’s work, you probably have a hard time picking your favorite print. This is the series for you. It’s up to Amos! Amos creates unending variations on recurring themes, with a focus on powerful quotes and phrases. Once he's settled on his subject du jour, he'll change up the layout or layering or wood type or colors or all of the above as he goes along. While the Kennedy Prints pieces on our site will give you a great sense of his style, only Amos knows what each print-of-the-month in The Baker’s Dozen will look like. That surprise just sweetens the deal, and the element of surprise is also very much in the vein of Amos Kennedy’s freewheeling, idiosyncratic approach to printing. Bonus: when you purchase a subscription, you’re directly supporting Amos’s indie printing studio. Give back to the baker!

Subscribe and we’ll send you one print a month from January 2019 through January 2020, for a grand total of thirteen prints (the first two shipping together in February 2019). You tracking? That’s thirteen 8”x6” limited-edition prints, delivered hot and fresh to your door every month for a year, perfect to fill a wall with prints or to scatter throughout your home, but equally excellent as a gift. Heck, maybe you’ll pay the package joy forward and send one of these prints to friend via snail mail. Like a big box of donuts, Kennedy Prints delectable Baker’s Dozen is best shared.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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