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The Baker's Dozen

  • $150.00

Receiving something in the mail is one of life’s superlative simple pleasure. Receiving art in the mail levels up the happy-making with a little something inspiring that’ll live on indefinitely in your home (or someone else’s). These 8”x6” hand-pressed prints are remarkable, covetable, shareable, sendable, giftable and delivered to your door one per month for a year. Every month, master printer Amos Kennedy will create a new, exclusive design from his Detroit studio. What each print will look like is a mystery, but if you love Kennedy Prints that’s part of the fun—it’s hard to choose just one of Amos Kennedy’s characteristic layered concoctions.

Subscribe for The Baker’s Dozen before January 31st, 2019. Your first shipment will be mailed to you in February 2019 containing both your January and February prints, and you’ll receive one print a month for each month to follow. The final print will arrive in January 2020, for a grand total of thirteen prints. That’s a sizeable serving of tasty, limited-edition art. Enjoy!


If, like us, you love Amos Kennedy’s work, you probably have a hard time picking your favorite print. This is the series for you. It’s up to Amos! Amos creates unending variations on recurring themes, with a focus on powerful quotes and phrases. Once he's settled on his subject du jour, he'll change up the layout or layering or wood type or colors or all of the above as he goes along. While the Kennedy Prints pieces on our site will give you a great sense of his style, only Amos knows what each print-of-the-month in The Baker’s Dozen will look like. That surprise just sweetens the deal, and the element of surprise is also very much in the vein of Amos Kennedy’s freewheeling, idiosyncratic approach to printing. Bonus: when you purchase a subscription, you’re directly supporting Amos’s indie printing studio. Give back to the baker! ... Read more on the blog!

+ This limited-edition print subscription was created exclusively for 20x200 and is only available from January 15th 2019 through January 31st 2019, after which subscriptions will be closed.
+ Subscribers will receive one print every month from January 2019 to January 2020, for a total of 13 prints. Please note the first shipment in February 2019 will contain both the January print and February print.
+ Every print produced for this subscription is unique. We are not able to accommodate requests for specific colorways, but don’t worry, they’re all beautiful!
+ The Baker's Dozen is only able to ship to addresses in the continental US.
+ Your purchase directly supports the artist.
+ All orders for this limited-edition print subscription are final sale and not eligible for discount or return.


8"x6" | Edition of 200