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These Valentine's Day Gifts Are Delightfully Different

On a gift mission for Valentine’s Day? Your bae is a rare bird. Don’t settle for sad velvet-clad chocolate or a last-minute bodega bouquet. Our insider intel: The Colossal Shop is a cornucopia of quirky, cleverly designed, creative gift ideas. We flagged a few of our favorites for Valentine’s (but don’t blame us if you end up shopping for yourself while you’re browsing their bonanza).

The Colossal blog has long been one of our go-to sources for a quick shot of visual inspiration, so we were super psyched when they added a shop into the mix. Their offerings do not disappoint. Plus, you get to have the distinct pleasure of supporting another small business, and a whole new way to live with art—which (shocker) is our recommended way to live. 

Speaking of, how about some art for your sweetheart? Our limited-edition prints are an unconventional spin on the usual V-day present. Bonus: art is about as personal as you can get without taking a trip to the adults-only section. Gifting your S.O. a gorgeous art piece says, “Hey...this made me think of you, which I do a lot, and I know you’ll love it because that’s just how well I know you." Romantical. Just be sure to get your order in for an unframed edition by 11:59pm ET this Sunday 2/5 for delivery by the 14th.

Your special someone is anything but ordinary—your Valentine’s gift should be too! Peep our hand-picked prezzie recs below.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200

When you know it's serious...

Untitled (I told my therapist about you) by Mike Monteiro

When they're a flight of fancy come true (and like to dress fancy too)...

Silver Origami Paper Airplane Cufflinks from The Colossal Shop


When your sweetheart likes sweets + art...

Pollock Chocolate Bar from The Colossal Shop

When the classic bouquet doesn't quite cut it...

Lovebirds by Amy Ross

When a kiss is on their list...

Hershey's Kisses by Andrew Miller

When you wanna make a statement...

You Are Beautiful Wood Sign from The Colossal Shop