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Wanna Support the Arts? Peep These Cool Non-Profits + Orgs

Supported by Ky Anderson
Since Day 1, we’ve been art evangelists of the most enthusiastic variety. We’re fierce believers in the transformative power of art, that everyone—no matter their means—should have the opportunity to live with and experience art, and that artists should be able to make a living creating art. Every time you collect a 20x200 edition, a portion of the proceeds goes directly toward supporting our artists and their work. Even our Vintage + Space Editions play a part in allowing us to expand our artist roster and fund future projects.

We turn to the pros to help uphold art and make it more accessible to the public. There’s a lot of work to be done to protect existing arts programs, and to ensure future support for the arts is able to further broaden its reach. As inauguration date closes in on us, we’re eager to get extra involved in the effort to safeguard these organizations—especially those advocating for marginalized groups staring directly down the barrel of bigotry.

Feel the same way? Here’s a very abbreviated and no doubt incomplete list of a few of the arts alliances, orgs, nonprofits and coalitions we’re throwing our weight behind. You can do your part by donating, volunteering, and simply spreading the word:

Alternate Roots

Americans for the Arts


Arts Action Fund

Art in Action


California LGBT Arts Alliance

Creative Capital

Creative Time

Design Studio for Social Intervention

First Peoples Fund

Fractured Atlas

Free Arts NYC

Inner-City Arts

National Association of Latino Arts & Culture

National Guild for Community Arts Education

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation

Prison Arts Coalition 


Springboard for the Arts

Visual AIDS


Women of Color in the Arts

Working Artists and the Greater Economy

Don’t see your favorite art organization in this list? Email us at if you wanna make sure we've got it on our radar.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200
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