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Welcome Back William Crump! Where Reality Meets Imagination

The Mountain of Tomorrow's Sunrise by William Crump
11"x8.5" ($24) | 22"x17" ($240) | 40"x30" ($2400)

The Mountain of Westward Expansion by William Crump
11"x8.5" ($24) | 22"x17" ($240) | 40"x30" ($2400)

May is off to a solid start on the art front. As of today, artist William Crump’s inspiring, ingenious, color-injected editions are available again on our site.

It’s been a few years since Crump’s art has been available to 20x200 collectors—talk about anticipation. We’re beyond thrilled to formally re-introduce them now, just in time to add a little imagination and effervescence to your walls while you spring clean.

Both The Mountain of Westward Expansion and The Mountain of Tomorrow's Sunrise come from a 2007 series called High Lonesome, a project inspired by a Christian ministry sign that read "The Mountain of Fire and Miracles". Struck by its implied promise of a sublime world beyond our everyday, Crump began to unpack the idea in his art. The work he produced explores a relationship with that other world, toeing the liminal space between fantasy and reality, childhood whimsy and adult restraint, our heroes and ourselves.

Of late, Crump’s work has moved more toward abstraction (hint hint: keep your eye out for a new edition on the horizon), evolving as he’s explored new media. A constant is his interest in working with more than one medium at a time—painting and drawing, for instance.

Through the juxtaposition of media and technique, he creates images whose elements are as contradictory as they are consonant. The broad, bright paint swaths of his two editions play against the realistic graphite renderings of lone figures in historical outfit. Their dissonance is matched only by their harmony. You could see it as a metaphor for selfhood: seemingly conflicting aspects coming together to form an identity.

Speaking of identity, is there a mom-type who had something to do with yours? If so, consider this your final warning that Mother’s Day ain’t far away. Tomorrow 5/3/17 is your last chance to order art in time for Mother's Day delivery. Maybe a William Crump would woo her?

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200
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