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New! Bask in Yen Ha's Infinite World 🎨

10"x8" selections from Infinite World series by Yen Ha
10"x8" ($250)

Greetings, collectors! We’re going around the world and back again with an extra special release today: Infinite World, thirty-two unique and original pen and ink drawings—two large and thirty small—created just for us by an incredibly talented woman we’re lucky to have in our orbit.

Yen Ha is a polymath in the truest sense of the word. The Infinite World series draws on her talents as an artist and architect, as well as referencing her deep connection with family and travel. Each drawing is an original, one-of-a-kind but interrelated mandala bursting with colors and forms inspired by cities from around the globe.

Yen's intricate mandalas were borne of a practice she created in the earliest days of the pandemic, when many of us were living in very finite spaces. Sitting in her parents’ kitchen, she began this series of drawing meditations that were inspired by and evolved from the plates that line the walls collected from every country they have ever visited, and many they still aspire to experience. Yen thinks of these drawings as her own collection of travel dreams – an expression of joy at the infinite nature of our world and a wish to never stop traveling.

From the rich, geometric reds and oranges of Tehran DM-29 to the crisp, wavy blues of Auckland DM-26, each of the thirty 10”x8” drawings exhibits a distinct dynamism, uniquely tied to its geographical muse. Whereas the two large scale 16”x20” mandalas incorporate a full chromatic spectrum energized by elements from all of the designs to illustrate the Infinite World in its entirety.

Yen describes her process of drawing these as a "meditative form of making" that allows her to be present in the moment of doing, where the objective is to just keep going for a set amount of time, without the pressure to get things right. Our first foray into Yen’s mandala-making practice came during the early days of 2020 with Zen with Yen—a weekly Instagram series created in collaboration with 20x200—featured 30 second videos of Yen’s mandalas in the making, along with completed designs for our readers to download and color in themselves. Very much in line with our Art for Everyone ethos, the series blossomed into our very first coloring book, Mindful Moments, released earlier this year.

While Yen’s Infinite World celebrates presence and basking in the moment, don’t bask for too long! Our last original drawing collaboration with Yen—the She Is series—sold out quick! And there is only one of each drawing available, so if you see a particular locale that speaks to you, you better snag it! And of course, we strongly encourage you to try your hand at exploring your own meditative practice with a copy of Mindful Moments while you’re at it.

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