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Gifts for your gourmand? Feast your eyes on these editions!

Animals I by Craig Kanarick

Egg nog and roast beast and crisp apple strudels, shortbread and fruitcake and schnitzel with noodles … The holidays bring out everyone’s inner epicurean, and they offer a particularly good flex opportunity for the foodies among us. Meet your favorite gourmand’s moment in the sun (snow?) with an appropriately gastronomic art gift. Trust us, they already have a bougie cutting board and a nice bottle of olive oil.

In our gift guide for foodies we've got selects to satisfy a sweet tooth, please a cookbook collector, inspire a farmer's market fiend, and win over a wino. Show them you know them and get your food person a present that thinks outside the kitchen, one that'll light up their walls and last way longer than than a hand-carved artisanal spoon (don't get us wrong, we're here for the fancy spoons). Shop our curated collection today! Now you’re cooking.

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