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Sleep (hand-pulled screenprint)

  • $600.00

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Sleep is designed as a softly undulating and atmospheric print. It is a calm layout with purposely curved angles and lines. The floral background is printed slightly off-register which causes the image to be ever so slightly out of focus, just like one would experience in a dream state. Bold pops of pink frame the soft image to create structure in the composition, without being jarring.

Kaspr’s eye-catching calligraphy, punchy colors and psychedelic stylings are super distinctive and, frankly, delicious. His original lettering oozes wit, consideration, and whimsy. His pieces are bold, lively, and so good to look at. Sleep is no exception—it’s the opposite of a snooze, wordage notwithstanding. The wide, wavy letters, silhouetted in pink (what we’ve come to think of as Kaspr’s color), are strangely hypnotizing. The floral background is exposed between the letters' outlines, lifting the filter that clouds those flowers in the rest of the frame. Maybe that filter is a nod to the fog that hovers over a dream after waking. Swiping it away, we’re offered a glimpse inside a slumbering fantasy land, sneaking a peek at flora reminiscent of the poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz. The background is also printed slightly off-register, so that it’s subtly out-of-focus. The effect: Sleep is drowsy, soothing, intoxicating, and visually stimulating ... Read more on the blog!

Hand-pulled original screenprints (size 22"x30"): Acrylic ink on Stonehenge Acid Free Paper