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Staff Favorites: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Does your mom need another scarf? Yeah, we didn't think so.

Instead, give her art she'll love this May 11. We've got colorful editionsart for the adventurer, food prints and black and white pieces, too. Or kick back and let the 20x200 team provide you with inspiration. Surely there's something here that Mom will adore?

Ideal Bookshelf 506: Cooking by Jane Mount

“My pick(s) are Jane Mount's bookshelves. I actually gave my mom the Robert Verdi bookshelfa few years ago as a gift, and she absolutely loves it. She was just talking to me about it on the phone the other day, in fact. No problem if your mom's no clotheshorse. The cooking bookshelves are the perfect fit if she's more of a food=love kinda mama.”

- Jen Bekman, Founder, 20x200

Red Plastic Plates by Ann Toebbe

"Red Plastic Plates is the best way to honor my Mom's commitment to eating dinner together as a family while I was growing up. This print is such a sweet way to thank her for knowing I always have a place at her table even thought I'm a few states away. I can't forget the matriarch of my family, either. Floral and Insects would be just the piece to round out the lovely collection of botanical prints, watercolors and tapestries in my Nana's living room."

- Carrie Strine, Artist Relations Manager

Thank You by Trey Speegle

"I think that if you’re a mom, you just want to feel appreciated, no? That all the sleep deprivation, tantrum-wrangling and carpooling paid off. I'd do the job right by ditching the greeting card and giving her a lasting piece of art that spells it out in a cheery nod to that happy childhood she painted for you."

- Shannon McGarity, Chief Product Officer

Lilies, Corolla by Daniel Seung Lee

"Lilies, Corolla is perfect for Mother's Day. These flowers are so beautiful and edgy. Plus, they'll last forever (and cost less than some of the bouquets you'd buy in NYC)."

- Alexa Natanson, Customer Experience + Operations Coordinator

"A Gift Certificate is perfect for my mom because she loves art but she is a picky and enigmatic woman! Only she truly knows what she wants."

- Lila Murphy, Intern

We hope you've found something to bring home to mother. Order soon to be sure your art arrives in time for Mother's Day!

With art for everyone,
Jen + the whole 20x200 crew