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New Edition: Giraffe Drawings by Jason Polan!

Giraffe drawings by Jason Polan, just $10 each!

We're bringing back new editions with a bang, thanks to our talented friend + collaborator Jason Polan . For the next four hours only, you can get an Original Giraffe Drawing  by Jason for just $10. Each 6"x4" ink drawing will be signed by Jason, and accompanied by a 20x200 Certificate of Authenticity.

$10 original drawings!? So crazy-great! We love you, Jason!


Original Giraffe Drawing by Jason Polan

Jason Polan is a freelance artist living in New York City. He has exhibited work all over the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He is a member of The 53rd Street Biological Society and Taco Bell Drawing Club and his book Every Piece of Art in the Museum of Modern Art is a cult favorite. He has made over 100 books. Mr. Polan’s illustrations and projects have appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Believer Magazine and ARTnews. MORE 

This is the first new edition we're releasing in over a year, and it's one of many more to come. 20x200 HQ has been abuzz for weeks as we've built up to this moment, and well... let's just say I'm working very hard to restrain myself from ending every sentence with an exclamation point and/or mentioning how EXCITED we are in every other sentence. We are SO EXCITED.

That we're kicking things off with this unique opportunity to own an original drawing by Jason Polan makes our big day especially special. We are (as always!) grateful to Jason for sharing his talents so generously with our collectors.

We also want to go easy on the guy, which is why the edition will only be available for a few short hours. The clock's ticking as you read this, so don't delay! Be sure to click through before 3 pm EDT to snag an original Polan giraffe. Or two. Or three. Or even four. (Not more than four though. That's the limit for these babies, so sorry!)

I could write volumes about Jason , who's played in a big role in 20x200's history and has also been one of the very best friends a person could ever hope for. But not today, nope. We've got more new editions to plan. And you? You've got some art collecting to do!

Don't forget to read the fine print below, which is longer than usual, on account of this being an especially special edition. And look for us next week when we'll be back with more new art from two more beloved members of the 20x200 fam: Joe Holmes + Carrie Marill .

With art for everyone,
Jen + team 20x200