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New Art: Chrysler Building by Joseph O. Holmes

Chrysler Building by Joseph O. Holmes

A brand-new, limited edition photograph by 20x200 favorite Joe Holmes makes its debut today. Get yours while you can!

Chrysler Building by Joseph O. Holmes
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240) | 24"x30" ($1200) | 40"x50" ($5000)

"When the summer sun is low and the streets are wet and the clouds are snagged by tall, tall buildings, I trust my heart and I wrap myself around these streets like I'm in love, even when I know this town is going to break my heart right around the next corner."
Joseph O. Holmes

Feels-so-good-to-be-back Tuesday greetings, collector friends! To be back in your inboxes with even more fresh art, of course, and also to be back in my beloved NYC after a month-long sojourn to the West Coast. I've been posting about my hometown love non-stop lately. It started with a tweet late last Tuesday night—announcing that flutter of excitement I get every time I spot the city skyline out an airplane window—and countless only-in-NY interactions and observations ever since have resulted in a steady stream of "I Love New York" boosterism. 

Fellow I-love-New-Yorker Joe Holmes has a knack for capturing the less-heralded beauties of our fair city. The gorgeous Chrysler Building  above is one of our skyline's most-photographed icons, but Joe's take on it only gives the merest suggestion of what makes this Art Deco masterpiece so beloved. The real story here is told by the deep shadows of the foreground, which place the photographer at his familiar hunting grounds of lower Broadway.

Here, not-quite-skyscrapers crowd over the sidewalks and cast the avenue into darkness as the day winds down. It's easy enough to get lost in those shadows in everyday NYC. Buffeted by tourists with too many shopping bags as they emerge and descend from poorly placed train stations, there's a mighty temptation to keep your head down and forge homeward. This photo is a reminder that the simple act of looking up might be just thing you need to remember why you're here to begin with.

With art for everyone,
Jen + team 20x200