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5+5 with Stacy London | Style Maven. BFF.


TLC’s What Not to Wear has had its place at the top of my TiVO queue since forever, and from the get-go I always thought that Stacy and I would get along famously if we ever had the chance to meet in person. Lo and behold, our paths did finally cross last fall and we’ve been besties ever since. Icing on the cake? She’s been a 20x200 collector for years! What a thrill to walk into her apartment after our first “date” and see several different 20x200 editions hanging amid her gorgeous collection of originals, prints and photography. Today, she hips us to the editions that are still on her wish list.  -Jen

5 Perfect Picks

1) The Storm Is Comingby Tom Kondrat
There is something so calming about this photo even though what it depicts and what the title implies is somewhat unnerving. Maybe I like it since I tend toward a Woody Allen type neurotic view of the world and always expect the worst or maybe its because the color of the water is perfect for my new apartment. Tough to say.

2) Do I Look Expensive, by Helena Wurzel
I love the color here but I also love this message as I feel it gets to the heart of something we are always asking ourselves about our appearance to the outside world, not simply in how we dress, but in terms of prestige and privilege. Having one's portrait hang on a wall or in a gallery certainly appears lofty. The artist is asking us to confront our own self- importance. On the other hand, the picture is just so funny and snotty, I can't help but love it.

3) North of the Tennis House, by Joseph O. Holmes
This park is near and dear to my heart and here it has been captured in such a beautiful quiet moment, it makes me kind of melt. No pun intended since it's basically a shot of snow and nothing is melting.

4) Primates, Brendan Wenzel
If you don’t like monkeys, there is something wrong with you.

5) Winter Flags (East Village, New York), by Youngna Park
This photo struck a chord and suddenly made me feel nostalgic for my days in the Village as a kid. It reminds me of street fairs but also the light in the air when New York starts to turn cold; how crisp and refreshing it is. Besides all that, I love the color and the geometry of this photo. And who doesn't love street meat really?

5 Q's + 5 A's

1) What's your favorite museum?
MOMA - such a predictable answer but true.

2) What is your favorite color?
Oh, please. [Ed. note: Jewel tones. Always with the jewel tones!] 

3) Most coveted coffee-table book?
Anything on Pollock, Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Marilyn Minter or Alex Prager

4) You've got $5M to spend on one piece of art. What would it be?
Maybe an Egon Schiele - can you still get any of his stuff for 5mil?

5) If you could be reincarnated as another artist, who would you want to be?
Lee Krasner or Calder because Lee Krasner and Calder.

The 411 on Stacy London
Since 2002, Stacy London has been best known as the straight talking co-host on TLC's hit show, What Not to Wear. Part psychologist, part style maven, Stacy utilizes her sassy sense of humor to help improve one's appearance not only on the outside, but also by helping to boost self-confidence from the inside. Starting her career in 1991 as an assistant at Vogue Magazine, she quickly climbed the fashion ladder (in fabulous stilettos, of course!) and was appointed as Senior Fashion Editor at Mademoiselle from 1996-2000. She has styled runway shows for such designers as Rebecca Taylor and Vivienne Tam and has worked with renowned celebrities like Kate Winslet and Katie Holmes. She has served as Brand Ambassador and Creative Consultant for major companies such as Pantene, Lee Jeans, Woolite, Dr Scholls, and Westfield Malls. She launched Westfield Malls' first American magazine, Westfield Style in 2011 and served as its Editor-in Chief and Creative Director. She is the President of Super Long Play, a television and digital content production company - which produced Big Brooklyn Style for TLC. She is the author of the New York Times Best-Seller, The Truth About Style, published by Viking. She has guest-hosted on The Today Show (9am hour), The View and frequently guest-hosted on Anderson Live. Stacy has also appeared on Access Hollywood, The Wendy Williams Show, Dr. Oz and various other national news and entertainment programs. She sits on the National Boards of Step Up, The, The J.E.D Foundation and Stylinity; a digital start up, and is active in both the American Cancer Society and its partner program, Look Good, Feel Better. She launched the first apparel component for the LGFB program nationwide in 2011. She lives in Brooklyn with her cat Baby Al, too many shoes, and not enough closet space.

Professional Site: What Not To Wear    Personal Site: Stacy London Official   Twitter: @stacylondon  Instagram: @StacyLondonReal   

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