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Studio Superstars!

Soon after we had released our 5+5 series to positive & excited reviews, we sat around 20x200 HQ brainstorming. What other series could we release? What would be interesting for our readers? We realized that a large portion of what makes our jobs so great is our interaction with our artists - getting to know them beyond their work. So we launched our "In the Studio" series...and we haven't looked back. Here's an in-depth look at the awesomely artistic ladies and gents we've talked to and the places where they live and work...  – Carly & 20x200

We dug inside the prop closet with Topper at William Wegman's studio!

Looking Back...

Helena WurzeI was our "In the Studio" guinea pig, and she was a fantastic kickstart to the series. Her response to "When did you know you wanted to be an artist?" actually changed the way we asked our next interviewees, because we loved her phrase "my aha moment" so much! 

We all learned something new about Joseph O. Holmes when he sent in his answers...we had no idea that in addition to his incredible captures of the city, he was a published short story writer AND an award-winning screenwriter! 

Lisa Congdon and Jessica Snow, our two West Coast "In The Studio"ers, had similar realizations about working and becoming artists. As Jessica said: "Making art all the time meant I was an artist: art seemed to choose me rather than me choosing art."

We're tempted to ask Ky Anderson to make us a playlist...her studio music spans a wide range of genres and eras and we are into it!

We were so surprised to hear that William Wegman almost skipped out on art school because it didn't have a hockey team...lucky for us he changed his mind!

Jorge Colombo was our first "In the Studio" artist whose studio doesn't have walls! He takes to the city streets and works there or in libraries and cafes.

We wandered the New York City streets with Jorge Colombo!

Fun Facts...

Helena WurzeI is probably our most popular artist among the 5+5 least half have chosen My Butt as a possible art pick

All of our artists have different ways of working out - swimming, yoga, long walks, spin class, hockey - but our favorite answer by far was from Jorge Colombo: "I have not done any kind of sport since the Carter Administration."

Lisa Congdon was the first artist to mention the podcast Serial...and by the time Ky Anderson brought it up a few weeks later, our entire office was hooked.

Since publishing William Wegman's "In the Studio", we've had a few requests to sell the image of Topper in the prop closet! (Sorry to disappoint, folks, but we won't be printing that anytime soon!)

We're so thrilled to see all the love our artists have for each other! Helena mentioned wanting some of Jessica's and Ky's work, Lisa loves Helena's editions, and Jorge would love one of Joe's Prospect Park images!

Bright and cheery colors dominated the studio of Lisa Congdon!


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