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Food world phenom Lisa Q. Fetterman cooks up a hot n’ fresh 5+5.

Lisa Q. Fetterman is a food world rabble-rouser, and our meal planning agita is blessedly facing extinction because of her brilliance. It started with Fetterman sous-vide-ing meals for herself, her friends and fam—people who wanted wholesome, delicious food but weren’t swimming in free time and energy. She had a background in dining service and experience at some of the top restaurants in the country (like Babbo, Jean-Georges, and SF’s Saison). She was familiar with the huge immersion circulators of the fine dining sphere and the flawlessly cooked food they created, but considering how expensive and unwieldy this equipment was, you wouldn’t spot one outside a professional kitchen. Two cups of Fetterman’s expertise, a dash of moxie, and a drizzle of innovation later, she and her co-founding hubby had created the Nomiku smart cooker, the first home sous vide machine on the market.

With a patented compact design, Fetterman’s Nomiku is affordable, portable, and effective, fit for home cooks and 3-star chefs alike. Step aside Instant Pot: Nomiku is the queen of convenience, cooking food for up to 8 people with literally the tap of a button. Suffice it to say, Fetterman made quite a stir (heh) with her pioneering work in the food space, popping up on
Wired, Forbes 30 under 30 list, and more. The company is now on its 3rd generation appliance and they’ve launched a meal delivery service that pairs with the device. The whole operation is a seriously genius solution for busy peeps who want to eat well (raising our hands here).

Below, dig into Fetterman’s 5+5 Q+A, in which she discusses the life-changing power of the perfect avocado, owns her next-level love of Georgia O’Keefe, and gives advice for a straightforward, no-nonsense way you can support women on the culinary scene. Call it an art-forward tasting menu. Her print mise en place is perfection!
  – Jen Bekman + Team 20x200

The cherry on top? Nomiku passed along a super special discount for 20x200 readers: your very own ($249 value!) Nomiku smart cooker for just $69 when you snag some of their scrummy meal kits, all of which cook themselves in just 30 mins. Weekday meal planning, meet your match.


5 Perfect Picks

1) Persea: Blakeman, a 20x200 Vintage Edition
I love seeing a perfect avocado, it can absolutely make my entire day. Today avocados stand for so much more than that versatile fruit that can sate me both savory and sweet—it's like the international symbol for millenial which I find pretty funny.

2) you are doing great by Matthew Hoffman
The truth is, you are doing great. I can't think of an instance where I wouldn't want to say this to myself or someone I cared about!

3) Gemini IV: Spacewalk I (S65-34635), a 20x200 Space Edition
It freaks me oouuuuut maaaannnnn. This is seriously nutsberg, you're in space. It gives me perspective on what's up whoooooooa, space.

4) Star of Persia by Amy Jean Porter
I love how full and colorful it is, I love art that also has some function—I know it may sound strange but there is something scientific about this and I feel good about it.

5) Arthur's Seat by Laura Bell
I am instantly calmed! Ommmmm. I love it's round like here's a snapchat of chillness.

5 Q's + 5 A's

1) What's your favorite museum?
The California Academy of Science, it's filled with GREAT art that's highly functional and emotional. The kids go nuts and it's large enough that I learn something new each time I go—and we go every Saturday.

2) What's your most coveted coffee table book?
My favorite book right now is Feed Your People which is celebration of gatherings and big batch cooking. There are lots of pictures of people just enjoying themselves which I am all about.

3) If you could be reincarnated as an artist, who would you want to be?
Ooooooooooo daaaaaaaaaangggg, Georgia O'Keefe yooooooo, I even own the Georgia O'Keefe cookbook. I'm feeling her.

4) You've got $5m to spend on one piece of art. What would it be?
Oh daaaaayuuummmn, I would spend every penny of it on a sculpture that can live outside and moves. I'd love to watch it change every day.

5) The food world, like the art world (and, let’s be honest, like so many of our cultural currents) can be a boys' club. How have you made your way, and what are some things one can do to support and elevate women on the culinary scene?
Buy their stuff, whatever they're selling, pay full price.

The 411 on Lisa Q. Fetterman
Lisa Q. Fetterman is the founder and CEO of Nomiku, the first home sous vide immersion circulator machine on the market. Lisa has been featured in Wired, Make:, and Forbes, and was named on Forbes, Inc., and Zagat Survey’s 30 Under 30 lists for her pioneering work in the food space. Lisa has worked at some of the top restaurants in the country including Babbo and Jean-Georges in New York and Saison in San Francisco. She lives in San Francisco where she and her husband-cofounder have brought manufacturing back to the states with their new Wifi-Nomiku device. The new Nomiku Meals experience also ships food directly to your door and works seamlessly with their third generation made in USA product.

Site: Nomiku  Blog: Sous Vide Cooking with Nomiku    Twitter: @LisaQFetterman   Instagram: @LisaAmica  Pinterest: @nomiku

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