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A (Mississippi) meander thru 20x200 history.

On This Day in 20x200 History…

We’ve released hundreds of editions since the founding of 20x200 back in 2007, each one unique, with oodles of interesting artist processes or historical facts behind it. In celebration of all the hard work that goes into producing Art for Everyone, we’re introducing a new On This Day in 20x200 History series to take a look back at some of the incredible works we’ve released over the years. So hop in that time machine, today we’re traveling back to 2020 and beyond!

On this day in 2020 (yes, justttt before the thing happened), we completed our collection of Harold Fisk’s Ancient Courses Mississippi River maps. 

We’ve written every which way about these artworks—how the venous pathways pulse with earth-tones, how the images capture the river’s raw, untamable energy, how they act as a doorway to past worlds, how they might be a fitting metaphor for a spiritual journey, etc. Read up on these vintage beauties, a sublime blend of science and art, but don’t forget to snag your favorites (or the whole series!) before they sell out. If there’s one fixed truth about these prints, it’s their popularity!   

Read more about the history behind these striking geographic studies of the Mississippi River’s ever-changing channel here!