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Dig into a tome w/ Sadie Wendell Mitchell 📚

Dig by Sadie Wendell Mitchell
10"x8" ($40) | 14"x11" ($85) | 20"x16" ($275) | 20"x24" ($675)

Greetings, collectors! Can you believe it’s March already?! While this odd winter seems to be flying by, there’s still some cozy left in this season. March is National Reading Month and we’ve got just the thing to herald in this period of perusing. Introducing our newest Vintage Edition, Dig by Sadie Wendell Mitchell.

Originally designed as a postcard in 1909, Mitchell created Dig as part of her Girls Will Be Girls series, promoting women’s literacy and education. Illustrated in her distinct style of heavy linework and rich blocks of color, Dig features a young college student surrounded by library stacks, absorbed in an Economy book. A sign above encourages her to “do it now”, a nod to Mitchell’s women’s education activism.

Born in 1883, Mitchell was the youngest sister of the widely successful Canadian postcard publisher W.G. MacFarlane. After moving to New York City in 1906 to study at the New York School of Art, Mitchell’s illustrations became some of the most popular and highly collected postcards MacFarlane’s company ever produced. She then went on to create countless works for children’s books and Scribner’s and McCall’s magazines as well as exhibiting at New York City’s Art Director’s Club, The Society of Illustrators and the National Academy of Design.

Today, Mitchell’s Dig remains one of her most well known illustrations. The perfect print to usher in the season of scholarship. We at 20x200 are a real bookish bunch of word nerds with no shortage of arty tributes to textual treasures. And in honor of Sadie Wendell Mitchell, we’re ready to Dig in to National Reading Month.

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