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8 spiny selects for succulent stans

The Cacti by Amy Ross

Any plant parents out there? Or maybe you just wanna be? Green thumb or no, contrary to popular belief, succulents can be a little finicky. Not enough sun? Wrong soil? Too much water? Bam, you pop over to the window sill in the morning to find that your adorable string-of-pearls—Senecio rowleyanus for you Linnaeans—has somehow both shriveled up and turned to mush. (Not that that’s happened to us...all of our plants are THRIVING, okay?)

Point is, we can’t all be green thumbs all the time, but who doesn’t want a little tête-à-tête with these plump and prickly little pals? Art to the rescue, once again. We’re sharing the work of 20x200 artists who celebrate the succulent. Like Jessica Zollman, whose Opuntia pits the tough cacti against the imposing cement wall, (our money’s on the cactus BTW), or Lindsey Warren’s Downtown Succulents which explores the way that sharp LA sunlight plays amongst the plants’ juicy leaves. For a historical view, Toni Frissell’s Frida Kahlo standing next to an agave plant, compares the larger-than-life painter to the prehistoric behemoth that is the agave. 

If you’ve got the urge for some tabletop tending, dash off a note on one of our Mail Minis to brighten the day of your prickliest of pals. Or gather the fam and get crafty with some build-your-own flat plants. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we make it easy to grow your garden, no dirt required.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Girard Dolls, Books and Plants by Mary Finlayson

Frida Kahlo standing next to an agave plant by Toni Frissell

Plant Parenthood by Michelle Rial

Mail Minis by 20x200

SR Flat Plants, Small Cactus Set of 2 by Scout Regalia