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Gallery Hop: 20x200 artists on view!

Lisa Congdon’s solo show The Opposite of Sorrow is on view through February 11 at Chefas Projects in Portland, OR. 

Catch up with our artists

It’s mid-winter: are you stuck in a takeout-in-front-of-the-TV rut yet? Fear not: 20x200 artists have lots going on all season. With lots of enchanting art to experience, you’ll be sniffing spring flowers before you know it.

Helena Wurzel’s solo show Snapshots, featuring her open-hearted, colorful paintings and collages, opens February 17 at Praise Shadows in Brookline, MA. Opening reception: February 17, 6–8pm.

At the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA, see Ruben Natal-San Miguel’s solo show Expanding The Pantheon: Women R Beautiful. On view March 20 – May 29. Fun trivia! Ruben’s 2022 20x200 edition “Wigs” Downtown Boston, MA. Saturday, 9/26/20. 9:34PM (75°) was shot just steps from the museum.

Hilma af Klint’s iconic “The Ten Largest” series will be on view at the Tate Modern in London from April 20 - September 3. (Half of “The Ten Largest” series are available as 20x200 editions!)

e bond’s third fabric collection with Free Spirit Fabrics will launch in April 2023. Her prior two collections, Root and Glyphs, are available now. Of her editions with 20x200, remainder especially echoes these fabrics with its texture and gestural quality.

See Johanna Goodman’s signature collages in More Than a Woman? at The Delaware Contemporary Museum alongside Orly Cogan and Lauren Galban. On now through May 28, with an opening reception February 3, 5-9 pm.

Lisa Congdon’s solo show “The Opposite of Sorrow” is on view through February 11 at Chefas Projects in Portland, OR. Cheers to painting joyfully! 

Also at Chefas Projects, catch Quadrivial, a show Lisa Congdon curated featuring 16 artists, including 20x200 artist Jennifer Hewett, creating small works in a restricted color palette of red, pink, black, and white.