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Lisa Congdon colors outside the lines + straight into our hearts.

A preview of Lisa Congdon's work in her upcoming solo show at Stephanie Chefas Gallery

Staying hopeful ain’t easy these days, but if there’s one person who’s work always makes us feel fired up and optimistic, it’s fine artist, illustrator, educator, author, and all-around awesome person Lisa Congdon. We checked in with Congdon to get the 411 on all that she’s been up to, and the list is characteristically long, cool, and fomo-inducing. Pull up that calendar!

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve lucked out: Congdon has two upcoming events in August that you’re perfectly poised to enjoy. For starters, her solo exhibition Lucky Charms is opening at Portland, Oregon’s Stephanie Chefas Projects on August 3rd from 7-10pm, running through the end of the month. The exhibition promises to be full of Congdon's fresh, color-packed art pieces. She’s also a keynote speaker at PopUp Crop, a traveling creative conference series that’s kicking off in Portland in on August 16th.

PDXers, don't miss out on seeing Congdon speak at Pop Up Crop Creative Conference!

Portland has been Congdon’s home base since 2015 (San Francisco previously had the honor), and she’s actually in the process of opening a new studio in the area that will do triple duty as HQ for her own art-making, a workshop space and a retail shop. The artist tells us it’s looking like the space will be ready to receive visitors by late August 2019. Follow her Instagram for updates! But really, follow her Insta for your pure visual pleasure too, since it’s loaded with her eyecatching artwork.

Put it on your cal: Lisa Congdon's new book is coming September 2019 from Chronicle Books.

If you’re not anywhere near Oregon, never fear! Congdon has a new book on the way about finding your creative voice, slated for release September 2019 via Chronicle Books. She’s partnered with our friends at Chronicle Books on a number of projects, and they never cease to delight, excite and uplift us. Take, for instance, her illustrated accompaniment to a collection of Gertrude Stein poetry, or her book of 100 encouraging quotes in her brilliant hand-lettering, or her exceptional assemblage of essays and interviews highlighting women over the age of forty who are flourishing in their maturity—also adorned in artwork in her signature style, of course. (As a self-described “late bloomer”, Congdon falls squarely into this category of uber-inspiring older women.) The gist: Congdon’s books are beautiful to behold and a beacon of positivity to boot. We can’t wait to get our hands on the next one!

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200