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Behold! All the art of 2022 + our team's fave picks

The year in art...

2022’s been a year of highs and lows for everyone. And one high at the tip-top of our list from this trip around the sun: our new art releases! We brought you a steady stream of art discoveries all the year long, including more of our classic, limited-edition prints, as well as a growing collection of handmade pieces and fun, artful objects.  

 We’ve assembled all our 2022 art releases in this collection, primed for your perusing pleasure. And bonus: Team 20x200 shares their favorite projects throughout the year. Peep these picks and more as we take a trip down memory lane through all the art of 2022.

Art is for Everyone by Kennedy Prints

I love all my art babies equally, but my absolute favorite 20x200 thing of 2022 is that we celebrated our *15th anniversary* in September. That’s why Art is for Everyone—the edition Amos Kennedy created just for us in celebration of this mega milestone—holds a special place in my heart. (And I soooo look forward to seeing what he creates for us to commemorate our 20th!)


Sectional view of the New York Public Library, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

I love being transported by a detail-packed cross section, and the extraordinary depth of the NYPL’s secret underbelly feels especially magical.


Lunar Eclipse by Caitlin Parker 

 Lunar Eclipse represents the best of what we do. It's a mingling of science, art, and nature and a fusion of art mediums. All this paired with the endearing story that inspired it—it's this year's winner for me for sure.


Ramon Casas and Pere Romeu in an Automobile by Ramon Casas

 Looks like the beginning of a wacky, whimsical adventure, and I myself am wacky and whimsical. 


NY2174 by Jennifer Sanchez 

 I love all the paintings in this series, but the color and texture of NY2174 is just delicious.