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Burrow + 20x200: now this is really living (with art!)

Appleton Street by Helena Wurzel, shown with the Nomad sectional with chaise in navy.

Wanna see some 20x200 art up close and personal? Enjoy hanging out in airy, well-appointed spaces full of comfy couches? Well, you're in luck!

We’ve partnered with the talented team at Burrow to put together the Burrow House art collection—a carefully curated mix of limited-edition 20x200 art that’s up on the walls and available for purchase at Burrow’s recently revamped Greene St. outpost. You can shop the collection at or better yet, catch our art and Burrow’s offerings IRL at Burrow House in SoHo!

And should you find yourself coveting Burrow's very fine furnishings yourself [spoiler alert: you will] you can get 10% off anything you purchase at when you enter code 20x200 at checkout.

The Burrow team has poured years of research and design into their line of stylish, innovative furniture with an adaptable edge (including some of the coziest high-quality modular couches ever to grace your sitting spaces). Burrow’s pieces are the perfect compliment to our museum quality, affordable prints and photographs, and now that the two have come together in Burrow House it’s a real see it to believe it situation. Bonus: we’ve got an upcoming opportunity to learn more about choosing art and furnishings to create your happiest home. Stay tuned!

Shop the collection

Gemini IV: Spacewalk I (S65-34635), a 20x200 Space Edition, shown with the Nomad 3-seat sofa in slate leather.

Floral and Insects by Laura Bell

Expedition 42 Soyuz Landing, a 20x200 Space Edition, shown with the Nomad loveseat in chestnut leather.