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Word to your mother. (And for her too!)

I said no. by Martha Rich

Happy (almost) Mother's Day! These art selects are dedicated to all the den mothers, dream supporters, human carers, and human creators. A few words in homage: you told us so, we won’t make you turn this car around, and okay maybe mother knows best.

If you have a mom-type in your midst, don’t miss the opportunity to show her a little love. It’s not too late to add some expert-level gifting to your gratitude—snag her a 20x200 Gift Certificate to put toward the art of her choosing. You pick the amount, she picks from our carefully curated collection of limited-edition prints, photos, and objects. She can even add a custom-cut frame as she sees fit.

Our Gift Certificates are instantly delivered to your email for your forwarding pleasure, or you can print out or write down the code and tuck in into this free DIY 20x200 greeting card design. Your forethought will be applauded far and wide, and your mom figure will have some awesome art in the works to hang on her walls.

In the spirit of mom-speak:

Ideal Bookshelf 974: Feminists
by Jane Mount

you are loved
by Matthew Hoffman

by Paper Jam Press

Why Can't You Just Be Nice
by Trey Speegle

Lolie, Jumping on the Bed, 2013
by Winky Lewis

Yes Please
by Martha Rich

For a richer, fuller life wake up and read,
a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Earthly Delights
by Amy Ross

Untitled (I told my therapist about you)
by Mike Monteiro

F— you. Pay me.
by Mike Monteiro