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Caitlin Parker plant pressing demos and florals for spring

Catch CA-based artist Caitlin Parker’s plant pressing demo using recycled cardboard boxes!

You didn’t think we’d miss an opportunity to shower you in May flowers, right? Right. Because revelatory or not, the yearly re-emergence of all the blooms and buds is a potent pick-me-up. And this is where we remind you that—hey!—floral art gives you a way to live with those mood-boosting benefits year round. We’ve plucked a few of our favorite flower-laden pieces for an arrangement below.

Speaking of spring florals, last year SoCal-based artist Caitlin Parker taught us how to turn the season’s botanical bounty into super cool fabric cyanotypes that can be hung as-is, sewn or used however you’d like. It’s a fun, sunny day art project that gets you into the outdoors, and it’s family-friendly and easy to follow. Parker starts by collecting and pressing plants (a process she also walked us through!), a few homegrown, some store-bought. As she explains in her video, those pressed plants could be used all sorts of ways. You might, for instance, compile them all in a beautiful little book. 

In case you missed Tuesday’s new release, Parker made these stunning linen artworks using real flowers she painstakingly pressed, painted, and stamped to compose two beautifully balanced panels spotlighting plants from two families—Wild Western Flora and Curative Botanicals. If May flowers make you happy, consider Parker’s textile pieces the prettiest investment in self-care.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Flower Stamped Linen Panel by Caitlin Parker

Bougainvillea Galaxie by Jessica Zollman

Siren by Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii

Lemur from Madagascar by Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Counter Intuitive by Margot Guralnick

Flowers in a Glass Bowl by Rachel Ruysch

Sleep by B. Kaspr

Tropical Geometries Ruana Interruption (Red and Gold) by Carolyn Castaño

Lovebirds by Amy Ross

Semi-Double Tree Peony by Sarah Ann Drake