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Click List: What You Can Do Fight White Supremacy

We were putting together our weekly roundup list when it occurred to us: the only thing on our minds this week is Charlottesville. We couldn’t be with the counter-protesters pounding the pavement to take a stand against racism and bigotry. But we can—and will—continue throwing our weight behind a number of amazing organizations. Here are just a few of the numerous orgs you can support to help fight white supremacy in America... – Team 20x200  

Donate to the Black Student Alliance of University of Virginia. 

The Legal Aid Justice Center takes on poverty and injustice, providing legal assistance for the low income individuals. Learn more about how you can donate or volunteer, here

Show support for SOLIDARITYCVILLE, an activist network that stands in solidarity with communities of color, combating white supremacy on a local and global level.

After the events in Charlottesville, the Southern Poverty Law Center released a new edition of their Ten Ways to Fight Hate response guide. Read—and donate, while you’re at it.

Come together for Congregation Beth Israel, Charlottesville’s Jewish community center.

Photo by Ézé Amos
See what you can do to back Showing Up For Racial Justice’s Charlottesville branch.

Read these articles, because as our friends at Cup of Jo said, last weekend’s events in Charlottesville didn’t materialize out of thin air.