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Click List: What's on Our Minds (Besides Summer Fridays)

Rihanna has a new music video out, unflattering pants are here to stay (and we're on board), and avocado carving is apparently trending, so....summer's off to a solid start! Here's some more good stuff to turn your attention to during those last few hours of the day when you're pretending to work because how are you supposed to focus when there's the prospect of drinks al fresco you're not a machine. – Team 20x200  

Oh Baby! It's 20x200 art in the wild—with added bonus of baby bum. Please join us in jaw-dropping at Meg Keene’s stellar salon wall. While you're at it, pop over to Keene's fun, info-filled, inclusive wedding website. (P.S.  don't forget to tag your 20x200 editions Instas #artinthewild)

Calling all shutterbugs and photo fans: the Metropolitan Museum of Art's retrospective of pioneering photog Irving Penn is a can't-miss, where you can even pose for a photo Penn-style. Not in the NYC area? Snag this consummate catalogue of his work. 

Alexandra Bell's public art pieces call out racial discrimination in reporting through large-scale printouts, pointed redactions, and illuminating edits. 

Speaking of insightful reflections on race in America, professor John Edwin Mason penned this incredible essay on our Marion Post Wolcott pairing—two images that reveal a "deep and complementary truth about the experience of race in America".

We're a little *jealous* that we're not in LA for Scott Listfield's latest show at Gallery 1988. We'll just get our kicks from 20x200 5+5er Danielle Krysa's (aka the Jealous Curator) hot take on the exhibition.

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