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Do Right By Your Dorm Room: Affordable Art Upgrade!

The school year is upon us, and with it the opportunity for dorm dwellers to flex fresh decor skills. Push pins and posters do not a stylish dorm room make. Those tired excuses for art need to be put out of their misery, which is wayyy easier to do when you keep in mind that our collection is packed with affordable art prints, perfectly primed for a dorm room do-over.

Take note of these next-level swaps to kick any dorm room up a considerable notch:

Instead of: your average Ansel Adams poster
Nab: this museum-quality art print... 
Instead of: a sub-par shot of a favorite author
Hang: an Ideal Bookshelf by Jane Mount
Instead of: a mushy motivational poster
Read: this text art awesomeness...
Instead of: the ubiquitous Audrey Hepburn headshot
Go back in time with: this classic B+W beaut...
Instead of: an overplayed band pic
Jam out with: this Paul Madonna ode to the music album...
Instead of: the same Hokusai wave everyone rides
Dive into: a deeper cut of woodblock brilliance...

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