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Click List: Caftans, Queens + Memes, Oh My!

When the news makes you want to hurl, a dog cuddle is the finest cure. By some horrible turn of events, no member of our team currently parents a canine. We've got puppers who are now in doggo heaven, god-dogs, and furry nieces and nephews (not to mention all the dogs we shower with affection in passing), but none to call our own. HOWEVER. If we did own a dog, we would most definitely immortalize them in one of these pet caftans, so eloquently described with genuine elation by 20x200 friend Helen Rosner.

Frankly, we considered ending this Click List at Custom Pet Caftan, but have to (reluctantly) admit there are other things you should get your eyes on...
– Team 20x200

Never before has a congressional hearing so inspired our boogie. Mykal Kilgore's gospel remix of Representative Maxine Waters' widely resonating words has taken over the internet—which is 100% welcome by those of us (all of us?) who never tire of the righteous Queen Maxine. Congresswoman Waters approves.

Friday night film fest, anyone? 20x200 artists Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd (who moonlight as a married couple) combined creative forces for their short film, UNLOVEABLE. Their flick is screening tomorrow night, 8/11, at the 13th Annual HollyShorts in LA, which kicks off tonight and runs thru Sat.

Is your use of reaction GIFs verging on digital blackface? Teen Vogue takes a moment to remind us that the Internet is real life...and what you put out in the world matters.  

Go behind the scenes with brilliant designers, like 20x200 artist Paula Scher! This new-ish Netflix docuseries, Abstract: The Art of Design, gets real cozy with design innovators in a range of disciplines to talk process, discovery, and the impact of design on our every day. And yes...we binge watched it all in one weekend. Not particularly proud of that.

This week has us feeling a little salty. And peppery. Our founder Jen Bekman picked up these peppercorns as a "just 'cause" gift for her fella...aaaand she'll probably be needing these gorg grinders from our friends at Food52, because who wouldn't want their seasonings sleekly swaddled in Scandanavian-inspired blues and greys. In fact, Food52 Co-founder Amanda Hesser actually gave us a whole bunch of gift ideas not too long ago.