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e bond’s lush new edition layers meaning + materials

remainder by e bond
10"x8" ($35) | 14"x11" ($75) | 20"x16" ($260) | 30"x24" ($1350) | 50"x40" ($5000)

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e bond’s art always gets us talking, and her new print is no exception. remainder is itself a conversation—of addition and subtraction, around meaning and between materials. Popping primary colors add to the visual poetry like punctuation marks. Layered planes, sharp and blurred edges, opacity and transparency create parallel universes at play in a single print. The original artwork is a mixed media painting on wood, adding an earthy, organic undertone (literally and figuratively). The fine concentric circles around the dark spot in the lower third recall the rings on a tree stump. Keep yourself in the conversation, and there’s so much more to see.

remainder belongs to a larger series bond has been exploring. She describes the artworks in the series as emerging “half-formed”, springing from “one intense line or gesture left behind” on her workspace. The vestiges of art projects past become the jumping off point for new work, building a continuous narrative, a connective thread that subliminally informs each composition to come. You might view her creative practice here as a single storyline with the capacity to be infinitely elaborated upon, each piece as self-contained and complete as it is unshakably hitched to the other work in the series. Beyond that, her approach also calls for a kind of reincarnation, whereby the whispers of earlier artmaking spark a new beginning, “a new universe unto itself”. Turns out there’s no remainder at all, but rather a cycle of repurposing—an ironic twist on this edition’s title.

bond’s first print edition, (re)surfacing, also takes on the infinite, endeavoring to map imagined areas and abstract emotional spaces. Both remainder and (re)surfacing prioritize the journey over the destination. These are pieces about posing questions, not pinpointing answers. While they look totally distinct, they share a subtly electric suggestion of the deliberate suspension of completion.

No one thrives in the in-between like bond. The limited-edition run of one-of-a-kind journals she designed exclusively for us are perhaps the most literal variation on the theme. Two hand-sewn book blocks sandwich blank pages, art encasing a open-ended emptiness begging to be explored. Her starburst ornaments have a similarly changeable air—at once handmade books, cartographic experiments, and mini paintings that can be unfurled into 8” star-like paper sculptures that might hang anywhere in your home, rest on a bookshelf as an art object, or slide into a care package for another art lover.

bond’s editions won’t be boxed in, and remainder will remind you to do the same. Rigidity’s mighty boring in the face of perpetual motion.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

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